How to choose the right filter?

Oil filter is an important part of oil filter, which is generally based on physical filtration as the main principle. Although it can be generally divided into industrial oil filter and food oil filter, different accuracy needs to be selected according to the actual use. There are a few important points to pay attention to when choosing.

How to choose the right filter?

1) First understand the accuracy required by the filtering task and select the corresponding specifications. The higher the accuracy of the filter, the higher the cleanliness of the oil. However, considering the actual demand, the appropriate filtration accuracy should be selected.

2) Ensure that the oil filter has a long circulation capacity, which can ensure stable production efficiency.

3) The filter element of the oil filter shall have good anti-corrosion performance and be able to work under the specified temperature for a long time to reduce damage.

4) The filter element shall have the corresponding strength to resist the wear of impurities and ensure the service life.

5) The structure of the filter element should be easy to clean or replace, which can also improve working efficiency.

Choosing the right filter can save the cost while maintaining the high effect.

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