How to choose high temperature trolley furnace

Among the major national pillar industries, the automobile industry has experienced rapid development in recent years, and private cars have gradually begun to be popularized. It is expected that the comprehensive growth rate of production and sales of automobiles in China will reach 20% in the next five years. In addition, the market demand for auto parts also has a large market space. From the development experience of mature automobile markets in Europe and the United States, the scale and proportion of whole vehicles and parts are usually 1:1.7, while the current data in China is about 1:0.5, which provides development space and business opportunities for China's auto parts industry.

How to choose high temperature trolley furnace

Although the auto and auto parts independently produced and jointly produced in China have occupied a large share in the market, the technology research and development of auto parts manufacturing enterprises in China and the instability of product quality restrict China to become a powerful country in auto parts.

How to ensure the product quality and adhere to low-carbon environmental protection when processing and casting auto parts? From the technical point of view, professional technical personnel, to the quality of parts, the choice of a good heat treatment trolley furnace is essential, must be from the furnace technology, heating elements, energy-saving technology and other aspects of the choice.

Those who know how to process industrial parts know that to ensure the quality of automobile parts, metal structures, high chromium and high manganese steel castings, heat treatment must be done well, good heat treatment must rely on a good high temperature trolley furnace. The high temperature trolley furnace RT4 series is synchronized with the most advanced high temperature trolley furnace technology in the world, which has become an important product for China to export to the international market and participate in international competition. At present, it has been exported to a number of large auto parts processing enterprises to meet the needs of the industry.

It is understood that the high temperature trolley furnace USES export type trolley furnace structure, shell by steel plate and shaped steel welding molding, trolley track integration rail structure, stable and durable. Moreover, the furnace chamber adopts the all-high-purity ceramic fiber high-pressure module with the highest specification in the heat treatment industry. The all-fiber module USES professional high-pressure masonry method and special anchorage to ensure the highest sealing on the lining manufacturing of trolley furnace. 24 hours of long-term use of zero damage or even no deformation, with high thermal insulation, high insulation, low thermal capacity, greatly reduce power consumption.

In addition, the heating element material of trolley furnace is 0Cr27Al7Mo2 high temperature alloy resistance belt, which is reasonably arranged on five sides of the furnace according to the uniform temperature design. The temperature control system adopts the patented microcomputer program to automatically control the temperature, which can greatly save the electric energy, and make the ideal heat treatment process curve in the practical application to achieve high precision execution, temperature control precision ±1℃.

Hankou high temperature trolley furnace with high quality guarantee, such as furnace body, furnace door, heating element, etc., as the exclusive export product, has the largest domestic production line. In addition to the heat treatment of auto parts, RT4 series high temperature trolley furnace can also be used for the hardening, annealing, normalizing and other heat treatment of carbon steel, welding parts, alloy steel parts, but also for bit sintering, catalyst roasting, precision mold roasting and other purposes.

With a number of core technologies, it has never stopped to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, to ensure product quality and brand quality. From experience, to meet the needs of more enterprises for heat treatment process is a contribution to the enterprise and the economy.

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