How to choose heat treatment furnace equipment

With the continuous progress and development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for technical equipment, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge for many manufacturers, especially in the vacuum industry, many vacuum furnace manufacturers, specializing in the production of ultra-high vacuum high temperature sintering furnace, silicon nitride reaction furnace manufacturers are also constantly improving their technical level to meet the technical requirements of people I am not eliminated by the trend of the times, but there seems to be a problem of low utilization rate of heat treatment furnace equipment industry in the vacuum technology industry. How to choose heat treatment furnace equipment and low utilization rate of heat treatment furnace equipment industry to analyze for you!

Reasons for utilization rate of heat treatment furnace equipment industry

1. The equipment of heat treatment furnace is old, the lining has large heat storage capacity, the wall temperature of heat treatment furnace increases, there is more heat dissipation, and the insulation performance is poor.

2. The heat treatment process is too conservative, and the management of heat treatment furnace equipment is far behind the advanced level of foreign countries. According to statistics, more than 90% of heat treatment enterprises follow the past traditional heat treatment process, while less than 10% use energy-saving new technology. This greatly increases the production cost of the enterprise, but also wastes a lot of energy consumption. In addition, in the management of heat treatment equipment, the low load rate of heat treatment furnace and equipment utilization are also the main reasons for low energy utilization.

3. The heat treatment process equipment is bulky, consumes a lot of energy, a lot of waste heat can not be recycled, and the product repair rate and waste rate of heat treatment equipment are relatively high. This virtually increases the burden of enterprises, and also makes energy waste in repeated processing.

4. For the waste of water resources, the cooling system of domestic heat treatment equipment mostly uses water for cooling.

To select the appropriate heat treatment furnace equipment, first of all, we need to know what products we are heat treatment processing, what kind of process requirements you need to meet, which must be clear to you, and then consult the heat treatment furnace equipment manufacturer according to their own needs to choose which equipment.

How to choose heat treatment furnace equipment

1. Choose according to the requirements of heat treatment process or technical requirements of parts: ordinary heat treatment furnace can be selected for quenching and tempering, annealing, normalizing, etc.; if carburizing and nitriding are required, carburizing furnace and nitriding furnace can be selected; if surface oxidation and decarburization are required, controlled atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace can be strictly selected; if surface quenching is required, medium frequency and high frequency quenching equipment can be selected, etc.

2. According to the cost selection: general box furnace and well furnace have low cost, while vacuum furnace, salt bath furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace have high cost, which can be selected according to the given price.

3. Choose according to the shape of parts: long rod type choose well type furnace, disk type choose box type furnace, small parts choose mesh belt furnace and so on.

4. According to the batch selection of the processed parts, the continuous operation furnace is selected in large batch, such as mesh belt furnace, roller hearth furnace, and periodic operation furnace is selected in small batch.

5. Select according to the size of the processed parts: select the furnace with large power for the large size, and select the furnace with small power for the small size.

6. Vacuum furnace manufacturers choose according to customer requirements: customers sometimes require specific furnaces for heat treatment, such as special requirements for salt bath furnace heat treatment, you have to choose salt bath furnace, special requirements for vacuum furnace, you have to choose vacuum furnace, not other types of heat treatment furnace.

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