How to adjust the vacuum degree of hydraulic oil filter

How to adjust the vacuum degree of hydraulic oil filter

A vacuum is a gas state below one atmosphere. The lower the pressure, the higher the vacuum. "Vacuum degree", as the name implies, is the degree of vacuum. It is a main parameter of vacuum pump, micro vacuum pump, micro air pump, micro air pump and micro air pump. A vacuum is a gas with a pressure of less than 101,325 pascals (or about 101KPa for a standard atmospheric pressure) in a given space.

Vacuum degree is marked by "relative vacuum degree" and "relative pressure", that is, how much pressure is lower than "atmospheric pressure"; "Relative vacuum" refers to the difference between the pressure of the measured object and the atmospheric pressure at the measured place. It can be measured by ordinary vacuum meter. In the absence of vacuum, the initial value of the table is 0, and when the vacuum is measured, it is between 0 and -101325pa (i.e. -0.1mpa). The "0" on the vacuum gauge represents the positive pressure of one atmosphere, i.e. 101,325pa, and the "-0.1" represents the absolute vacuum (i.e. 0). The indicating value on the vacuum table does not represent the absolute value of the vacuum degree, but only the relative value of the vacuum degree.

Pressure vacuum gauge: an instrument used to measure greater than or less than atmospheric pressure based on atmospheric pressure. Pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge are used to measure the pressure or negative pressure of non-crystallizing, non-solidifying liquid, gas or vapor media without corrosion or explosion hazard to steel, copper and copper alloys.

How to adjust the vacuum degree of hydraulic oil filter? When the hydraulic oil filter is being tested, start the vacuum pump and observe the rising vacuum degree. Observe whether the pressure protector is well adjusted. The pressure is adjusted at 0.3mpa (it has been adjusted when leaving the factory). When the vacuum degree reaches -0.08mpa, shut down the vacuum pump and observe the vacuum gauge value for 5 minutes.

Pressure gauge of hydraulic oil filter: it shows the working pressure of the machine. The machine is in normal working state and the pressure is zero. If the filter element is blocked, the pressure will rise. The machine is equipped with a pressure protector. When the pressure reaches 0.3mpa, the machine will stop automatically to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

Note: at the beginning of the hydraulic oil vacuum filter oil filter oil machine, for the state to filter the oil is cold oil, contain more moisture and air bubbles, when into the vacuum tank vacuum filter oil machine, injection of oil formation is more easily bubble, through vacuum tank observation positions that bubble, more should be put on the manual open vacuum tank valve, bubble elimination work, also can keep the vent valve to open a third state, hold the equipment vacuum at 0.09 Mpa. When a device heater to heat the oil, the oil temperature after reaching 40 to 50 degrees, will gradually reduce, at this time can close the purge valve, filter oil machine to work properly under high vacuum. At the same time, please confirm that there is no leakage point in the oil inlet connection. If air leakage enters the oil, oil foam will be generated!

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