How should vacuum oil filter choose filtration accuracy

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How should vacuum oil filter choose filtration accuracy

The selection of filtration accuracy of vacuum oil filter is mainly influenced by two factors. The need for oil. For example, the insulation oil, through high precision filtration to achieve a high insulation value, and large modulus gear on the impurity requirements are much more extensive. The viscosity of the oil. High viscosity oil can not pass through the fine filter, need to reduce the accuracy.

The operation cost of oil filter will be increased if the precision filter screen is used to emphasize the cleanliness of oil. Because:

(1) increase the axial pressure so that the oil can pass through the filter screen quickly, but it will often damage the filter element.

(2) the filter element is often blocked, requiring frequent cleaning and even replacement of the filter element.

(3) the lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46 # should be 10 ~ 20 meters.

(4) internal combustion engine oil and gear oil can be used between 20 and 50 meters.

(5) add preheating oil tank to increase temperature and reduce viscosity.

(6) the insulation oil is from 1 to 5 meters.

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