How much do you know about these features of decolorizing oil purifier?

Decolorizing oil purifier adopts new micro-filtration purification technology, no filtering machine, no high-speed motor (non-centrifugal effect). There is no need to replace the filter (to solve the traditional oil filter in the use of the frequent replacement of the filter, filter paper and user trouble, as well as long-term investment to buy materials). The equipment USES pure physical purification, it floats in the gutter oil as grease, impurities oxidation insoluble in all chromosomes of gasoline and benzene completely removed (i.e., vacuum oil filter can filter impurities), increasing the cost of our company's previous decolorization (refinery products large volume, special), the selection of installation site problems. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner produced by our company has the characteristics of ZY durable, strong applicability, stable performance, light and flexible, quick oil and high oil output. It is especially suitable for decoloring, dark red and black lubricating oil purification in non-refinery.

How much do you know about these features of decolorizing oil purifier?

Features of decolorizing oil purifier:

1. The equipment is equipped with two sets of advanced liquid level magnetic automatic complementary control system, which solves the no-load and run-away phenomenon of oil pump commonly existed in the oil filter. In addition, it is equipped with advanced automatic pressure controller, which can automatically stop the machine when the equipment overpressure, and avoid the occurrence of stuffy machine.

2. The equipment is installed with operating vacuum interlock device, which can automatically stop in case of failure and automatically close the oil inlet and outlet solenoid valve to prevent oil return phenomenon. Automatic electromagnetic induction mechanical double protection regulating system is also added, low oil level automatic protection device, automatic balance of oil in and out, oil volume in the vacuum system runs between high and low oil level.

3. The whole machine is equipped with interlocking device of inlet and outlet oil pump and heater, interlocking device of vacuum pump and condenser, etc. The whole machine is equipped with phase break and phase sequence protection. The oil temperature can be adjusted at will within the prescribed range. At the same time, according to the different seasonal climate and the amount of oil, there are two heating systems, automatic interlock and manual auxiliary heating system. When the oil temperature exceeds the set value, the heater can start and stop automatically when the oil intake or the amount of oil is too small.

4. No filter element is needed for the equipment, which solves the problem that the equipment has been used in the later stage

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