How long can the filter paper of plate and frame pressure filter be used?

Although many users are using plate and frame pressure oil filter, they often have questions about how often the oil filter paper is changed properly. Runneng oil filter Mechanism Manufacturing Co., Ltd. summarizes several points for your reference, and also hopes that we can discuss the technical problems of oil filter.


Oil filter paper, also known as filter paper, is the consumable material of plate and frame pressure oil filter, the most core part of plate and frame pressure oil filter, and the most critical part of oil purification. The number of layers of filter paper determines the filtering accuracy of the plate and frame pressure filter, which is the most fundamental effect of intercepting impurities. General oil filter on the filter paper attached to the impurity particles too much must be replaced, otherwise too much pressure will cause the filter paper rupture and loss of filtration function.

The filter paper is a kind of consumable material, which needs to be changed frequently. How often should the filter paper be changed when the oil filter is used? Ding Neng oil Filter Company dedicated answer:

1. First of all, it depends on the amount of impurities in the oil. During the filtration process, you can regularly check the adsorption of impurities on the filter paper to see the flow rate of oil import and export.

2. The oil if it is powder impurities inside the requirements in frequency will be higher, because the powder may be due to the reason of the pressure filter oil machine is much easier to reduce the speed of the oil through the filter paper, intercept is much, the frequency of the overload of the filter paper is faster, whereas impurity is less, change the lower frequency, so filter replacement frequency and miscellaneous quality of waste oil.

3. The working pressure of plate and frame pressure oil filter is ≤0.5mpa. When the pressure reaches this value, the filter paper should be replaced.

The filter medium lining between the filter plate and the filter frame of the plate oil filter generally has two materials, a filter paper and a filter cloth. The filter plate and the filter frame are fixed to form a separate filter chamber by the pressure of the pressing device, and the filter paper or cloth between the filter plate and the filter frame is pressed to play a filtering role.

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