How long can pressure vessels normally be used?

The life of any device is designed. Pressure vessels are no exception. But how long is the service life? Eight years, 10 years, 15 years, even longer? Today the pressure vessel manufacturer will describe this problem in detail.

How long can pressure vessels normally be used?

The designed service life of a pressure vessel is not necessarily equal to its actual service life. Here, I believe that everyone can easily understand that the design life is the life given under all normal or ideal conditions, but the real life life will be affected. 

The influence of various factors, so there may be differences between the two. 

For chemical equipment: towers, reactors and other major equipment are usually not less than 15 years, and the service life of containers and heat exchangers is usually not less than 8 years. 

For petrochemical equipment: fractionators, reactors, high pressure heat exchanger housings and other difficult to replace containers or components generally not less than 20 years; Ordinary containers, heat exchanger shells and tube boxes are usually no less than 10-15 years old.

The design life of the pressure vessel only reminds the user that when the pressure exceeds the design life, the safety factor and safety level will be reduced. 

At this point, necessary monitoring measures should be established and the inspection period should be shortened.

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