How does the nitriding furnace conduct heat treatment

In order to shorten the nitriding cycle and make the nitriding process not restricted by steel type, two new nitriding processes, soft nitriding and ion nitriding, have been developed on the basis of the original nitriding process in recent years. This is also the reason why nitriding furnace prices are high and low.

In essence, soft nitriding in well nitriding furnace is nitriding based on low temperature nitrocarburization, the steel nitrogen atom infiltration at the same time, there is a small amount of carbon atom infiltration, the treatment results and general gas nitriding, the hardness of the layer is lower than nitriding, brittleness is smaller, so called soft nitriding.

How does the nitriding furnace conduct heat treatment

1. Soft nitriding methods can be divided into three categories: gas soft nitriding, liquid soft nitriding and solid soft nitriding. At present, gas soft nitriding is widely used in domestic production. Gas soft nitriding is in the atmosphere containing active nitrogen, carbon atoms for low temperature nitrogen, carbon co-osmosis, common co-osmosis media are urea, formamide, ammonia and triethanolamine, they in the soft nitriding temperature thermal decomposition reaction, produce active nitrogen, carbon atoms. The active nitrogen and carbon atoms are absorbed by the surface of the workpiece and permeate into the surface of the workpiece by diffusion, so as to obtain a nitrogen-dominated nitrocarburized layer. Nitriding furnace, through the soft nitriding furnace production line, the gas soft nitriding temperature is commonly used 560-570℃, because the temperature of the hardness of the nitriding layer is high. The nitriding time is usually 2-3 hours, because over 2.5 hours, the nitriding depth increases slowly with time.

2. Soft nitriding structure and soft nitriding characteristics of nitriding furnace: after soft nitriding, a few microns to dozens of microns of white light layer can be obtained on the surface of the steel.

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