How does hydraulic oil filter block oil oxidation

The anti-oxidation stability of transformer oil is closely related to its service life and operation characteristics, so it is one of the most important chemical properties. Generally, the oxidation of transformer oil is due to the chemical reaction of oil in contact with oxygen, which produces oxidation products and deteriorates the operating characteristics of oil. The common factors affecting oxidation aging of transformer oil include the influence of oxygen, temperature, catalyst, light and electric field, etc. In fact, the deterioration of the oil begins after the oil is loaded into the transformer. The oil is also oxidized during the long term storage of the tank, but at a slower rate.

How does hydraulic oil filter block oil oxidation

The conditions that cause oxidation of transformer oil generally begin to appear when mechanical impurities and moisture exceed the limit accumulate to a certain extent. At this point, the filter should be used to recycle the recycled oil to effectively block or delay the aging rate of transformer oil oxidation.

The transformer vacuum oil filter is generally composed of heating system, vacuum air extraction system, filtration system, condensation system and other major components. Some customers have special requirements and will also equip the oil filter with adsorption system. It is generally heated first to achieve the total moisture content of the heated oil, while reducing the viscosity of the oil (so that the oil can pass through the filter), and then through the filter. Then enter the vacuum dewatering tank for vacuum dewatering. Finally, after a filter element, generally here are fine filtration to achieve the effect of filtering. At the same time, according to the requirements of customers with regenerative adsorption system, can achieve the purpose of oil regeneration and color improvement.

Generally through the filter oil machine many times circulation treatment, generally like transformer oil can remove the vast majority of impurities in the oil, remove 99% of the water in the oil. And can fully remove oil of hydrogen, methane, ethylene and other hydrocarbons, realize the reply on the properties of oil products, at the same time because the oil in the water, oxygen, and the reduction of hydrocarbon gas, reduce oxidation of reactant, effectively reduces the aging of transformer insulation fibre in the oil, oxidation, oxidation, thus can greatly improve the service life of the oil. And one method we can use is to use the oil filter to work online. As long as the oil decomposing oxygen, water and other gases, we can immediately remove them, so as to effectively block the conditions of continued oxidation and effectively realize the protection of the transformer oil.

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