How a transformer dissipates heat

How a transformer dissipates heat

Transformer is indispensable in the daily production and life, for plant production and use are inseparable from the workshop, however transformer work will appear the phenomenon of fever, so you need to heat transformer, in general, common transformer are self cooling, unless it is in the hot summer, the transformer is what kind of way for heat dissipation.

(1) convection: heat is dissipated by a heating body through air moving at a lower temperature;

(2) conduction: the heat source moves directly from the higher temperature to the lower temperature.

(3) radiation: namely, the infrared radiation wave outside the winding transmits heat to the space with a lower temperature;

Transformer is an energy supply power, plays an important role in the operation of the circuit, heat dissipation is very important for the transformer, generally through three processes, if the heat dissipation is not good, will cause damage to the transformer, affecting the use of the transformer.

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