Hollow fiber microfiltration membrane separation system

Hollow fiber microfiltration technology in material concentration of application

Hollow fiber membrane microfiltration, also known as microporous filtration, is a kind of precision filtration, which intercepts particles such as gravel, silt, clay, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, algae and some bacteria in the solution, while a large number of solvents, small molecules and a small number of macromolecular solutes can all pass through the membrane separation process, The basic principle is the screening process. The operating pressure is generally 0.7-7kpa. The feed liquid passes through a filter material under the action of static pressure difference. The microporous filter membrane made of cellulose or polymer materials can intercept the particles and bacteria in the water by using its uniform pore diameter, so that it can not be removed through the filter membrane. The separation effect of the membrane is determined by the physical structure of the membrane, the shape and size of the pore, the range of pore diameter is 0.1-75 μ m, and the thickness of the membrane is 120-150 μ M.

Hollow fiber microfiltration membrane separation system

Hollow fiber microfiltration membrane of main advantages

1. The loading density per unit volume is large. Because the diameter of the hollow fiber is small, it can be closely arranged in the device, so the filling density of the membrane device composed of the hollow fiber is large;

2. Without any support. The membrane device of hollow fiber membrane can support itself, which can simplify the processing of membrane device and reduce the cost;

3. The equipment is miniaturized and the structure is simplified. Because of its large surface area and self support, hollow fiber membrane can be made into a small and portable device, which can be used in medicine and biological products.

Hollow fiber microfiltration technology of application field

1. Water purification and pure water pretreatment

The purification of tap water, underground (surface) water and so on; the pretreatment of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and other equipment.

2. Separation and concentration of biopharmaceuticals and food and beverage

Separation and concentration of plant extracts, antibiotics, enzyme preparations, soymilk, rice wine, etc.

3. Recovery and concentration of special liquid

Recovery and concentration of electroplating wastewater, waste alkali solution, waste acid solution, waste solvent, etc

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