High temperature calcination of graphite crucible

Causes of large amount of falling off of graphite crucible after high temperature calcination in electric furnace

The main raw material of graphite crucible is crystalline natural graphite, so it has good heat transfer and high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solution, and excellent chemical stability. The graphite crucible has many models and few restrictions in application, so it can be chosen at will.

Based on the above excellent properties, graphite crucible is widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry and other industrial sectors. It can also be used to refine and purify non-ferrous metals and new materials. In order to promote environmental protection, the weight ratio of light metals in industrial products has been greatly increased internationally. Therefore, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their alloys are widely used in the production of automobile, motorcycle and electronic supporting products. For example, die casting production of automobile and motorcycle wheel hub, engine cylinder head, brake, air filter, piston, radiator, steering wheel frame and the shell of mobile phone in electronic products.

When using the graphite crucible, we also need to pay attention to some matters: because the bottom of the crucible is very small, when the crucible is heated, it needs to be placed on the graphite pad or mud triangle. Graphite crucible can be heated directly, and can't be cooled immediately after heating. Remove it with crucible tongs, and don't put it on the cold metal desktop, so as to avoid it from cracking due to sharp cooling. Note that the above points can prolong the life of graphite crucible.

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