High speed steel tools and alloy steel tools

The difference between high speed steel tool and alloy steel tool

High speed steel cutting tools have excellent strength and toughness, while hard alloy steel cutting tools are better with higher hardness and red hardness (the ability to maintain hardness under high cutting temperature); generally speaking, the cutting speed of the overall hard alloy steel cutting tools can be at least 4 times of that of high speed steel cutting tools, and the tool life is longer. However, compared with high-speed steel cutting tools, hard alloy steel cutting tools are better The poor fracture toughness of the tool limits its application in some machining fields, especially in tapping.

High speed tool steel is mainly used for manufacturing high efficiency cutting tools. Because of its high red hardness, good wear resistance and high strength, it is also used to manufacture high performance mold, roller, high temperature bearing and high temperature spring. The hardness of high-speed tool steel after heat treatment can reach over HRC63, and it can keep high hardness at the working temperature of about 600 ℃, and its toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance are good.

With high hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, cemented carbide steel is known as "industrial tooth", which is used to manufacture cutting tools, cutters, cobalt tools and wear-resistant parts. It is widely used in military industry, aerospace, mechanical processing, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communication, construction and other fields. With the development of downstream industries, the market of cemented carbide steel needs Keep increasing. And in the future, the high-tech weapon equipment manufacturing, the progress of advanced science and technology and the rapid development of nuclear energy will greatly improve the demand for high-tech content and high quality and stability of cemented carbide steel products.

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