High-pressure spray cleaning machine of working mode

How does the high-pressure spray cleaner work? Some people will spray soak cleaning called chemical degreasing, that is, by the saponification of degreasing agents, emulsification and synthesis to remove the appearance of the steel belt grease. Saponification. If the rolling oil used in the cold rolling process is mainly made up of animal oil and vegetable oil, this type of oil is called saponification oil.

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In the degreasing process, the alkali components can react with these insoluble oils to form water-soluble soaps, which can be removed. Emulsification. Suppose there is mineral oil in the rolling oil. It belongs to non-saponified oil, which cannot react with alkali in saponification, so it must be removed by emulsification of surfactant. The emulsification process can be.

Surfactant can reduce the surface tension of the water so that the oil film, which is originally spread on the surface of the steel belt, can be rolled away into small oil beads and emulsified. Moreover, surfactant can also form a thick interface film on the surface of the emulsified oil beads, so that the emulsion is relatively stable, and the oil particles are suspended in the cleaning liquid and no longer accumulate on the surface of the steel belt.

Dispersal. The removal of the solid dirt on the surface of the steel belt, which is insoluble in water, depends on the dispersive action of the surface active agent. Ionic surfactant can be adsorbed on the surface of solid particles, so that all the particles have the same charge, thus squeezing each other and dispersing. At this point, the oil-philic base of the surfactant is arranged on the surface of solid particles, and the water-philic base is oriented towards the water. This also makes the interfacial tension between the cleaning liquid and the solid particles less than the cohesion between the particles, preventing the particles from coalescing together again.

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