High frequency quenching equipment is used for quenching large gears

Specialized in the production and research of high-frequency quenching equipment manufacturers, but also for every good faith to buy machinery customers to provide better quenching process, long-term technical services. Our research and production of quenching equipment is mainly advanced electronic components, advanced technology, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and combined with their own expertise and induction heating equipment performance, independent research and production of high-performance CNC quenching machine tools, to provide our customers with quality products and services.

High frequency quenching equipment is used for quenching large gears

Performance and characteristics of high-frequency quenching equipment manufactured by the manufacturer:

1. Adopt German Siemens IGBT power tube and unique inverter technology.

2. The power and time of heating can be adjusted, which is beneficial to improve the heating quality and heating repeatability, and can simplify workers' operation.

3. Simple installation, connected with three-phase 380V power supply, water inlet and outlet can be completed in a few minutes.

4. Compared with the same power level of the vacuum tube type high frequency induction heating equipment, the volume of IGBT high frequency is reduced by 1/2 and the weight is reduced by 2/3. Water saving 40%, electricity saving 30%- 40%, small area, simple operation, you can learn in a few minutes.

5. The heating efficiency is over 90%, saving 30-40% of power compared with high-frequency and intermediate frequency, and almost no power is used in the shutdown state. And can be used for 24 hours continuously.

6. The induction ring can be disassembled and installed freely and replaced easily. The ultra-fast heating speed greatly reduces the oxidation deformation of workpiece.

7. Replace gas and other dangerous gas heating production without open fire, more in line with the national fire safety regulations.

8.100% load persistence, 24 hours continuous heating at maximum power.

9. With the control function of constant power and constant current, the heating process of metal workpiece can be optimized with high efficiency and fast heating.

10. It can be equipped with special output remote interface to facilitate joint control with external related equipment and realize automatic operation of production line.

As long as your workpiece size, product specifications, heating temperature technical requirements and your current use of heating method to tell us, we will put forward reasonable Suggestions for your process improvement, and for you to choose suitable for the workpiece requirements of the model, for your production to reduce costs, improve quality, efficiency, welcome to the field visit.

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