High frequency machine is safe to use

High frequency machine is safe to use

Advantages of high frequency machine: pneumatic control, easy to operate; Manual feeding and taking of materials; Melt, cut off perfect fast, high efficiency, good technology; Suitable for the welding and cutting of large inflatable toys, car floor MATS, sporting goods and other products.

(1) features of high-frequency machine:

1. The machine is mainly operated by double-ended pedal pneumatic operation, and the welding process is controlled by time automatically. The left and right heads are used alternately.

2. The machine mainly adopts the principle of rod operation, with a strong head, and the pressure of the head can be adjusted at will.

3. The machine mainly adopts cross frame installation mold, which is simple and convenient.

4. The machine mainly adopts the international industrial band of 27.12MHz, which conforms to the international standard.

5. This machine adopts a self-developed device system to avoid electromagnetic radiation, which greatly reduces the direct radiation of high-frequency electromagnetic waves to human body.

6. The machine adopts the newly developed self-flow protection device system, whose main function is to protect the high-frequency tube from unnecessary burning out due to the excessive current.

(2) high frequency machine safety

1. The driver of the material lift must pass the examination of the provincial construction administrative department and obtain the operation certificate of the special operation personnel of the construction before he can take up his post.

2. Before operation, the operator must carry out routine inspection, and the hoist can be put into operation only after it is confirmed to be normal.

3. Materials shall be evenly distributed in the hanging basket and shall not exceed the hanging basket. When the long material is placed in the basket, anti-falling measures should be taken. Loose materials should be encased or caged. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

4. It is strictly prohibited for people to climb and pass through the lifting frame and ride the hanging basket up and down.

5. Communication devices shall be used when the overhead elevator is in operation. When the low-frame hoist is used in multiple jobs and floors at the same time, special command personnel should be set up, and the machine should not be started if the signal is not clear. No matter who gives the emergency stop signal in the operation, it should be carried out immediately.

6. Before closing the main power supply or when the power is suddenly cut off in the operation, all switches shall be turned back to zero. Before resuming the operation, it should be confirmed that the lifting maneuver is normal before it can continue to be used.

7. If the safety device or communication device is found to be out of order, it shall be stopped and repaired immediately. Limit devices should not be used in the operation.

8. Check the working condition of wire rope and pulley frequently in use. If serious wear is found, it must be replaced in time according to relevant regulations.

9. For the hoist powered by friction winch, when the basket is lowered, it should be controlled to land slowly at the place 1~2m above the ground. The basket is not allowed to fall freely and directly to the ground.

10. The hoist equipped with rocker boom shall not be used at the same time with the hanging basket and rocker boom boom during operation.

(3) launching trousers high frequency welding machine to solve two questions

Question 1: how to control the temperature of pulse high-frequency machine?

Pulse high frequency machine, its temperature control, can be carried out by PID adjustment. If not, then the heating power can be reduced appropriately, because if the heating power is too large, then the temperature will become unstable.

Question 2: how to install heating pipeline of plywood high-frequency machine?

For this installation, it mainly depends on whether it is steam or thermal oil heating. If it is steam heating, then a steam main is connected to a high-frequency machine, and then a steam inlet pipe is connected to each hot plate. Its steam pipe, is gathered into the main pipe, and finally add a steam trap on the line. And thermal oil heating, it is more complex, mainly to form a circular loop can.

(4) installation and debugging steps of oil-pressure double-head high-frequency machine

Upper die: place the die device on the high frequency machine, and insert the insulating material under it. Note: pay attention to the mold section, whether the mold is good.

Adjust the mold: after the mold is installed, it must be adjusted to the level and set parameters. Note: the depth should be the same, not too deep or too shallow.

High pressure cycle: point the material at the mold, step on the foot, and press the power switch with both hands.

Precautions: keep both hands away from the head during operation to avoid scalding. In addition, as far as I can see, the design of the nose of some old hydraulic double-head machines is not reasonable, and the hand must be taken out after the stroke is adjusted, so as not to hurt the fingers. There have been many such accidents.

(5) the frequency selection of high-frequency machines shall follow the following principles

1. The workpiece to be heated belongs to the magnetic material (such as iron, common carbon steel, etc.) with a low frequency, while the non-magnetic material (such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) with a high frequency.

2. For magnetic conducting materials, the heating temperature shall not exceed Curie point (the magnetic loss point) and the frequency shall be low, while the heating temperature shall exceed Curie point and the frequency shall be high (different frequencies can be adopted for segmentation).

3. The closer the workpiece is to the cylinder, the easier it is to heat and the lower the frequency is. On the contrary, the frequency of shaped section should be higher.

4. On the section of the heated workpiece, the larger the area surrounded by the outermost vortex, the lower the frequency should be, and vice versa.

5. If the heated part of the workpiece can be placed inside the tubular or ring inductor, the heating efficiency is high and the frequency is low. If it can only be placed next to the plate sensor, the heating efficiency is low and the frequency should be high.

(6) Please pay attention to the following items when using high frequency machine to ensure safety

1) please know the specific operation procedures of the machine before you can use the machine.

2) do not touch the mould or the heating plate when the working mould is lifting and heating, so as not to be scalded.

3) the waterline copper plate should be grounded, otherwise there will be electric leakage in the push disk.

4) when adjusting, please turn off the high-cycle switch system and the automatic switch system.

5) after the machine is in use, please turn off the high-cycle switch system and the automatic switch system and then let the mold press and push the disk, cut off the input of compressed air and turn off the power supply.

(7) what else should we know about the hf machine?

1. What provides the power for the opening and closing of the hf machine?

Answer: the opening and closing of the high frequency machine, which is powered by the hydraulic system. The clamping force is usually expressed in tons.

2.30KW high frequency machine, what kind of transformer is better to choose in general?

A: 30KW high frequency machine, its rated operating current is about 60A, therefore, can choose the current transformer, more appropriate.

3. In the wood-based panel production, is the production quality related to the high-frequency machine?

Answer: this is concerned for certain, because high frequency machine is one of the most important equipment in man-made board production, so it is concerned.

(8) mechanical features of high-frequency machine manufacturer:

1. Taiwan precision splitter device, Taiwan motor drive.

2. Automatic rotation, 3-6 stations can be selected, higher work efficiency.

3. The machine works at four stations in turn, and the positioning of stations is accurate.

4. Automatic feeding by manipulator.

6. High cycle output adjustable, nl-5557 high cycle spark protection system, high sensitivity, to prevent the burning of high cycle mold.

7. It is also equipped with high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device to minimize high frequency and avoid electric waves.

(9) equipment parameters of 8000 high-frequency machine manufacturer:

High frequency output 8000W

High voltage input 13KVA

The supply voltage is 380V

The oscillation frequency is 27.12MHz

Silicon diode for rectifier

Pressurized pneumatics

The distance of mechanical activity is 200mm

Equipment cooling method air cooling

High frequency vacuum tube 7t69r

Table size: 600*900mm

The size of upper pressing plate is 400*600mm

The size of the device is 1000*800*1800

The weight of the equipment is 450KG

(10) safety instructions and function introduction of hf machine

1, the spark machine can use 100~240VAC power supply.

2. High frequency spark tester can produce high voltage of 0.0~ 6.0kvac (RMS) at high voltage test head. In order to test the quality of the cable and ensure the safety of use, please cover the high voltage test head with the force protection cover before use to generate high voltage.

3. After the tester is covered with the acrylic protection cover and the power switch is pressed down, there is a red indicator light at the high voltage test head. The light shows that high voltage can be generated, otherwise it means there is a problem.

4. Warning labels are attached to this testing machine.

(1) the product USES high pressure dangerous label.

(2) place of origin label.

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