High frequency heat treatment

In short, high frequency quenching (induction heating quenching) refers to the quenching treatment that only the necessary parts are heated and cooled. English for induction hardening, abbreviated as "IH"

Here is a brief introduction to its principle.

① Using electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction refers to that when coil B (two coils are in non-contact state) is placed near coil a connected to the power supply, magnetic field will be generated after the power supply is connected. At this moment, current will also be induced in coil B (the same is true when the power supply is cut off). This phenomenon of induced current in coil B is called electromagnetic induction.

② Heating the product with induced current

If the coil B is replaced by the processed object product (metal), the current induced by electromagnetic induction (eddy current) will pass through the product.

Once there is current passing through the product, Joule heat will be generated due to the resistance, and the product will heat itself. Through this way of direct heating, effective heating can be realized.

③ Heat only the necessary depth of the necessary area

The shape of coil a can be made according to the shape of the product part to be heated, that is, only the necessary parts can be heated.

The higher the frequency of the power supply, the more concentrated the induced current is on the surface of the product. (called skin effect). The frequency can be selected according to the shape (size) of the product and the desired hardening depth.

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