Heat treatment well type tempering furnace

The tempering furnace is a kind of equipment for tempering general metal parts in air and quenching, annealing and aging treatment of aluminum alloy parts such as die-casting parts, pistons and aluminum plates. Our home and heat treatment company specializes in the production of fan tempering furnace, well type tempering furnace and other nantong heat treatment equipment. Today, we are going to focus on the key points of the well tempering furnace.

The structure of well type tempering furnace body includes: furnace shell, furnace lining, heating element, protective basket air duct, circulating fan, furnace cover and lifting mechanism of furnace cover. The specific structure is as follows:

1. Furnace shell: the main frame is formed by the welding of channel steel, Angle steel and other section steel. The high quality Q235 steel plate is rolled into a cylindrical shape and welded with the skeleton. The panel is made of cast iron, and there is a sealing ring in the inner circle of the panel.

2, furnace lining: by light firebrick, aluminum silicate fiber, insulation layer (perlite packing and expanded perlite brick), asbestos board, etc., energy-saving composite furnace lining;

The heat treatment manufacturer tells us that in the design of the well type tempering furnace and the furnace building process there are the following strict provisions:

1, furnace lining brick with the furnace center line as the benchmark, the first masonry inner wall layer, and then gradually to the furnace shell layer.

2. The furnace wall is built with staggered joints, and no straight ash joints are allowed between the inner and outer layers. Furnace lining masonry is strictly in accordance with JB/ dq5071-82 resistance furnace building code.

3, electric heating element: material for high temperature alloy resistance wire, 0 cr25al5 using special coreless reeling machine made coil winding, wire in furnace is put aside on the brick, with small hook positioning in order to avoid deformation of wire furnace heated sliding out, through lead to great furnace heating element, leads to great use 0 cr25al5, introduces the welding with welding drilling rods and heating element. That is, drill a center hole at one end of the drawing rod, the aperture is about 0.1mm larger than the line diameter of the heating element, and the depth is 25 ~ 35mm. Insert the end of the heating element into the center hole and then weld it. The ratio of the outer diameter D to D of the spiral heating element is strictly D/ D =6 ~ 8mm, and the pitch S is S/ D =2 ~ 4, so as to ensure the strength of the element and prevent inclined collapse during heating.

4. Protective basket and air duct: the protective basket is made of 304 heat-resistant stainless steel plate (strip) welded to protect the inner wall of the furnace; The air duct is welded into a tubular shape by 304 heat-resistant stainless steel plate. Under the action of centrifugal high temperature fan, the airflow in the furnace is evenly blown from top to bottom between the air duct and the lining of the furnace wall, and returns to the fan suction outlet from bottom to bottom through the furnace chamber, so as to make the temperature in the furnace even.

5. Circulating fan: in order to make the temperature uniformity in the furnace meet the technological requirements of workpiece processing, a circulating fan is set on the furnace cover, and the motor and blade shaft are directly connected. The fan support is cast and processed, the fan shaft is processed with heat-resistant stainless steel, and the impeller is welded with heat-resistant stainless steel. After welding, the fan blade is firstly treated with stress-relieving annealing treatment, and then balance test is conducted. The fan bearing is cooled by air cooling with aluminum cooling plate.

6. Furnace cover: the shell of the furnace cover is made by strengthened welding of Q235 steel plate and section steel, and aluminum silicate fiber is used as insulation material; A fan shaft hole and a thermocouple hole for temperature detection are arranged on the furnace cover. The air guide plate is set under the furnace cover. The air guide plate is welded with 304 stainless steel plate.

7. Lifting mechanism of furnace cover: a motor is used to drive the worm gear reducer, which is telescopic through the worm to drive the lifting shaft to open or close the furnace cover. After the furnace cover rises in place, according to the situation, it is manually operated to open it.

8. Furnace cover sealing: there is a sand seal knife on the furnace cover. When the furnace cover drops, it is inserted into the sand seal groove on the furnace body panel.

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