Heat treatment technology of die casting pharmaceutical machinery

In recent years, through the introduction of advanced technology and the digestion and absorption of the imported technology, China's heat treatment production technology has made outstanding changes and made considerable progress.

In the process from the stone age to the bronze age and iron age, the role of heat treatment is gradually recognized. Since the 20th century, with the development of metal physics and the application of other new technologies, metal heat treatment technology has been greatly developed. In the 1960s, plasma field was used in heat treatment technology to develop ion nitriding and carburizing technology, and laser and electron beam technology were used to obtain new surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment methods for metals.

The quality of heat treatment is directly related to the follow-up processing quality, which ultimately affects the service performance and service life of parts. At the same time, heat treatment is also a major energy consumption and pollution in the machinery industry. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and its application in heat treatment, heat treatment technology has made good development.

It is understood that the die-casting pharmaceutical machinery industry has a good momentum of development in recent years, has an irreplaceable position in the casting industry, and its die-casting pharmaceutical machinery heat treatment technology is also constantly maturing.

One development direction of heat treatment technology improvement is to combine traditional heat treatment process with advanced surface treatment process to improve the service life of die-casting pharmaceutical machinery. With the continuous development of heat treatment technology of die-casting pharmaceutical machinery, the surface quality of die-casting pharmaceutical machinery will be increased while the good performance of die-casting pharmaceutical machinery will be obtained, so that the domestic die-casting industry will develop well and rapidly.

Recently, experts have come up with substrate pretreatment technology for pharmaceutical machinery substrate and surface treatment technology. On the basis of traditional technology, they put forward suitable processing technology for different pharmaceutical machinery materials, so as to improve the performance of pharmaceutical machinery and improve the service life of pharmaceutical machinery.

Because of the low starting point and thin foundation in the past, there is still a big gap between the level of heat treatment production technology and advanced industrial countries as a whole. In the current trend of world economic integration, it is imperative to improve the quality of mechanical products and the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets. Heat treatment production technology must catch up with each other to seize the opportunity and meet the new challenges.

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