Heat treatment technology of automobile bearing

Bearing is an important mechanical foundation connector, which is widely used in mechanical industry. It can be said that where there is rotation, there are bearings. As the main means of transportation in modern society, automobile industry has also become the main pillar industry of our country, in which bearings also play an important role. Many security parts of the car, such as steering gear, engine and gearbox, can see the figure of the bearing. As a branch of bearings, automobile bearings have special functions such as load-bearing, impact resistance and high-speed rotation. Their functions have an important impact on the safety of passengers, drivers and vehicles.

Heat treatment is the key process in the manufacturing process of automobile bearing. Its processing quality and raw materials are two important factors affecting the bearing life. Next, based on my own work experience and knowledge, the author briefly expounds the heat treatment technology of automobile bearings from the aspects of material, heat treatment design, heat treatment process, heat treatment equipment, heat treatment technology, air force and heat treatment development direction.

Bearing material

The quality of materials is an important factor to determine the bearing life. The gap between China's automobile bearings and foreign countries is mainly due to materials, followed by bearing design, technological level and technological equipment. Although we revised the GB / t18254 scale and increased the scale of "high-quality high carbon chromium bearing steel", the requirements for carbide, segregation, oxygen content and inclusions were promoted, but due to the smelting technology and cost of domestic steel plants, it is still very difficult to fully implement.

With the wide application of vacuum degassing, bearing steel in China has made great progress in oxygen content control, which is close to the level of foreign countries. However, there is still a big gap in carbide average, network carbide control, inclusion control and other aspects, which results in the congenital deficiency of the quality of domestic automobile bearings, and the life, reliability and consistency of bearings are inferior to those of foreign bearings.

GCr15 steel and GCr15SiMn steel are widely used as bearing materials in China. There is no report on the research and development of special materials for automobile bearings. Bearing steel manufacturers and bearing manufacturers rarely cooperate.


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