Heat treatment technology industry quenching and quenching medium

Heat treatment technology industry quenching and quenching medium discussion content: "heat treatment is an indispensable key process in the manufacturing industry, is to ensure product quality, improve product level, enhance product competitiveness in the international market basic process." On November 30, Xu Yueming, President of the national heat treatment society, said at the National Symposium on quenching and quenching medium safety and environmental protection solutions that with the quality upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the further expansion of the demand for heat treatment technology, the current heat treatment technology has become a key technology to determine the quality assurance of products produced by enterprises in many fields. The seminar was sponsored by the national heat treatment society and co organized by Shanghai Yibai Technology Co., Ltd.

It is understood that heat treatment technology is the main component of mechanical manufacturing technology, an important process measure to strengthen metal materials and give full play to potential capabilities, and a key technology to ensure and improve the quality and service life of mechanical products. With the quality upgrading of manufacturing industry, the demand of heat treatment technology is further expanded. At present, heat treatment technology has become a key technology to determine the quality assurance of products in many fields. The transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry need a certain period of time. For the enterprises involved, heat treatment is the technology to seize the commanding point.

15 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the implementation opinions on promoting the deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions). The implementation opinions clearly points out that to improve the integration level of equipment manufacturing industry and service industry, it is necessary to build basic process centers such as heat treatment, make good use of strong domestic market resources, accelerate major technical equipment innovation, break through key core technologies, and promote coordinated development of supporting and professional services industries.

In 2018, China's manufacturing added value accounted for more than 28% of the world's share, becoming an important engine of global industrial growth. Among the world's more than 500 major industrial products, there are more than 220 kinds of industrial products, and China's output ranks first in the world. According to the 2019 global heat treatment market research report released by QYResearch, the scale of the global heat treatment industry will reach US $114.272 billion in 2023. Relevant data shows that the annual average GDP of China's heat treatment industry is about 80 billion yuan, with nearly 1000 enterprises above Designated Size and 300000 employees.

For the heat treatment furnace industry, its direct downstream industries are various parts sub industries of the metal machinery manufacturing industry, mainly including automobile parts industry, mechanical basic parts industry (including bearings, molds, fasteners, etc.), aerospace parts industry, engineering machinery parts industry, new energy parts industry, machine tool parts industry, etc. Among them, due to the large scale of the market, the automotive parts and mechanical basic parts industry has a significant impact on the demand of the heat treatment industry; while the aerospace parts, engineering machinery parts, new energy parts and machine tool parts industry have developed rapidly in recent years, which has become a new growth point of the heat treatment industry.

"Based on the great strategy of transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, what we are doing now is to seize the high point of heat treatment as a basic technology." Yang Jingfeng said. At present, Yibai technology has realized the application of heat treatment database, online measurement and control system and computer simulation technology in heat treatment equipment to achieve intelligent, high-quality, low-cost and environmental friendly heat treatment. At present, the heat treatment technology of Yibai technology can achieve zero pollution and zero emission in the production process, reduce 75% of the production cost, reduce 80% of the energy consumption, increase the rate of good products by 90%, and prolong the service life of the equipment by 10 times.

According to Yang, its three systems ensure the quality of heat treatment: digital energy control system, AI type process control system and industrial Internet of things system. "Our patented CO2 supercritical cooling technology makes use of the energy in the manufacturing process to accurately copy the cooling curve required by the process and maintain the best thermal state; the independently developed online measurement and control system can simulate the process according to the product requirements, measure and control the whole production process, and automatically modify the process according to the product detection data; online control software can complete the production of the factory The cloud intelligent management of the production subsystem will help the digital operation and create a reliable, efficient and interconnected business value. "

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