Heat treatment skill of bearing in vacuum pump

One of the reasons: Bearing lack of oil or grease, oil deterioration or grease dry solid, too much oil or too much grease.

1. Inspection method

(1) . observe the oil level from the bearing frame or bearing body

(2) Check whether the oil is deteriorated

(2) Disassemble the bearing gland to check the grease quantity and quality

2. State characteristics

(1) . oil below oil level

(2) . oil metamorphism

(3) Too much grease

(4) , grease dry solid or deteriorated

3. Treatment method

(1) . make up oil to oil level

(2) . replace oil or grease

(3) Open the bearing gland and take out some grease, so that there is 1 / 2 to 2 / 3 grease in the bearing

Cause 2: rust or iron dust on the bearing

1. Inspection method

(1) . bearing removal inspection

(2) . use a special measuring rod or screwdriver to listen to the running sound of the bearing at the bearing position

2. State characteristics

(1) There is rust or iron dust in the bearing roller or raceway

(2) . the bearing is noisy and hot during operation

3. Treatment method

(1) Clean the bearing

(2) Replace the new bearing

The third reason is that the hardness of the roller or the outer circle of the inner ring or the outer circle of the outer ring is low.

1. Inspection method

(1) Observe the movement traces on the inner and outer surfaces of the roller, roller, inner ring and outer ring of the bearing;

(2) The hardness of the bearing shall be less than RC60.

2. State characteristics

(1) The inner and outer surfaces of rollers, rollers, inner and outer rings are scaly;

(2) The hardness measured by hardness tester is less than RC60;

(3) . bearing sound heating

3. Treatment method

Replacement of bearings

Reason four: the bearing accuracy is low, unqualified.

1. Inspection method: clean the bearing, put the finger in the hole, rotate the outer ring of the bearing with another hand, or send it to the bearing detector for inspection

2. State characteristics:

(1) . rotate the outer ring with your hand to make a rustling sound. Your fingers feel uneven;

(2) . bearing noise and heating

3. Treatment: replace the new bearing

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