Heat treatment services

Heat treatment plays a very important role in the mold making process. In short, heat treatment is to change the internal structure or structure of steel through different temperature and control, so as to improve the performance of steel. For example, through quenching and tempering to increase the hardness and wear resistance of the mold, to improve the life of the mold; accurate control equipment, advanced technology and strict production management to provide customers with better heat treatment services.

Although all kinds of steel technical data on the market have provided the heat treatment parameters of steel, but with the change of die size, shape and other factors, it is necessary to adjust and optimize the actual technology and process to achieve the best effect. In addition to the correct heat treatment parameters, the quality of the heat treatment furnace also directly affects the quality of the mold after heat treatment. If the vacuum degree of a vacuum heat treatment furnace is insufficient, the workpiece is easy to decarburize at high temperature, which not only affects the surface quality of the mold, but also increases the chance of fracture during quenching.

Relying on professional steel knowledge, experienced technicians and advanced heat treatment equipment, we can provide customers with reliable and high-quality heat treatment services.

Scope of services:

Vacuum quenching and tempering

Conventional electric furnace quenching and tempering


Stress relief treatment


Equipment specification:

Maximum processing size of vacuum furnace: 900 x 900 x 1200 mm

Maximum handling weight of vacuum furnace: 2500 kg

Maximum cooling pressure of vacuum furnace: 15 bar

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