Heat treatment production technology

Heat treatment production technology is the basic technology of manufacturing industry

In recent years, China's heat treatment equipment production technology through the digestion and absorption of imported advanced technology, has made outstanding changes and made considerable progress. Because of the low starting point and thin foundation in the past, there is still a big gap between the level of heat treatment production technology and advanced industrial countries as a whole. In the current trend of world economic integration, it is imperative to improve the quality of mechanical products and their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. Heat treatment production technology must catch up with each other to seize the opportunity and meet the new challenges, so as to reduce and shorten the gap with the international market as soon as possible, and make China's heat treatment technology and mechanical product quality enter the world's advanced ranks as soon as possible.

With the key development of automobile, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, aviation, aerospace, environmental protection equipment, mechanical basic parts, and the exertion of the advantages of specialized production and cooperation, small and medium-sized heat treatment enterprises will emerge more vigorously in the industrial concentration area; for Changzhou heat treatment plant, the enterprise will not be backward and low-level Reconstruction is driven by the market, striving to maintain its strong competitiveness with advanced technology and scientific management, striving to develop in the direction of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, and forming a virtuous circle.

Heat treatment is an important part of mechanical industry, an indispensable and extremely important link in the production chain of modern manufacturing industry, a key processing procedure to promote the full potential of metal materials, improve the internal quality and service life of mechanical parts, and a basic technology of manufacturing industry. The performance and service life of mechanical products do not only depend on the type and composition of materials. Through heat treatment, the internal structure of materials can be changed, and then the service performance of materials can be changed and the service life of materials can be improved. The effect of heat treatment on the quality of parts and the equipment they constitute is critical and long-term. Improving the level of heat treatment equipment and production technology can save energy and materials, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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