Heat treatment process of powder metallurgy

The heat treatment of P / M materials should be determined according to their chemical composition and grain size. The existence of pores is an important factor. In the process of pressing and sintering, pores run through the whole part, and the existence of pores affects the way and effect of heat treatment. So, what's the heat treatment process of P / M materials? Dongguan zhenglang technical staff answers for you:

1. Steam treatment:

Steam treatment is to oxidize the surface of materials by heating steam, and form oxide film on the surface of materials, so as to improve the performance of powder metallurgy materials. Especially for the surface anti-corrosion of P / M materials, its effective period is better than that of bluing treatment, and the hardness and wear resistance of the treated materials are obviously increased.

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2. Special heat treatment process:

Special heat treatment process is the product of the development of science and technology in recent years, including induction hardening, laser surface hardening and so on. Induction hardening is under the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic induction eddy current, the heating temperature rises rapidly, which has a significant effect on the increase of surface hardness, but soft spots are easy to appear, so the intermittent heating method can be generally used to extend the austenitizing time; laser surface hardening process is to use laser as the heat source to rapidly heat up and cool the metal surface, so that the internal substructure of austenite grains is too late to return The ultrafine structure was obtained by recrystallization.

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