Heat treatment process arrangement sequence

According to the purpose of heat treatment and process function of different, reasonable arrangement of process location.

1. Annealing and normalizing

Annealing and normalizing usually as a preparatory heat treatment process, generally arranged after the blank production, before cutting, for precision workpiece, in order to eliminate the residual stress of cutting, in the cutting process should also arrange stress annealing, the process route is arranged as follows:

Blank production (casting, forging, welding, stamping, etc.) - annealing or normalizing - machining.

2. Tempering and tempering

The quenching and tempering can be used not only as final heat treatment, but also as preparation for later surface quenching and quenching of precision workpiece which is prone to deformation. The tempering process is generally arranged after rough machining and before finishing or semi-finishing. The process is arranged as follows:

Blanking, forging and normalizing (annealing). Rough working (allowance). Quenched and tempered. Finish machining.

3. Quenching and tempering

Production, according to the hardness after tempering is easy to process to consider the quenching, tempering location. Generally there are two cases, one is after tempering hardness is higher, cutting difficult, then quenching, tempering after cutting, before grinding, the process line is:

Blanking. Forging. Normalizing (annealing). Rough machining. Quenching, tempering (HRC<35) a grinding.

Another case is: after tempering requires a lower hardness, cutting is not difficult, then quenching, tempering before finishing, the process is arranged as follows:

Blanking, forging, normalizing (annealing) and rough machining. Harden and temper. Finishing a grinding.

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