Heat treatment practice standard

15 applicable standards for heat treatment

Heat treatment is to point to the material under solid state, by means of heating, heat preservation and cooling, to get the expected organization and properties of a metal hot working process, in the progress from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and iron age in the process, the effect of heat treatment is known by people gradually, until now, our country about the heat treatment commonly used article 15 of the implementation of the standards. The details are as follows:

Technical term 2013-03-01 for metal heat treatment shall be implemented, replacing GB/T 7232-1999.

Thermal treatment process material term 2002-12-01 implemented instead of GB/T 8121-1987.

Method for determination of effective heating zone of heat treatment furnace 2004-06-01 implemented, replacing GB/T 9452-1988.

Textile fabrics - dry heat effects at low pressure - part 1: dry heat treatment procedures for fabrics - implementation

Classification of lubricants and related products (class L) - part 14: group U (heat treatment) to be implemented on February 1, 1999.

Technical guidelines for energy conservation in heat treatment 2002-12-01 implemented.

Gb15735-2004 safety and health requirements for metal heat treatment production process shall be implemented on 2004-11-01 instead of GB 15735-1995.

Metal heat treatment process classification and code 2006-01-01 implementation, replacing GB/T 12603-1990.

Heat treatment production fuel consumption quota and its calculation and determination methods were implemented on 04/01/2006.

Heat treatment equipment term 2007-04-01 implemented, replacing GB/T 13324-1991.

Technical conditions for energy-saving heat treatment combustion heating equipment 2008-11-01 implementation.

Rational electrical conductivity for heat treatment shall be implemented on 2009-01-01, replacing GB/T 10201-1988.

Vacuum heat treatment is implemented.

Accelerated aging of paper and paperboard under the conditions of 80℃ and 65% relative humidity.

Heat treatment production power consumption calculation and measurement method

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