Heat treatment plant

Effect of aging treatment and points for attention in heat treatment plant

When the manufacturer processes the heat treatment of materials, it needs to carry out the specific treatment according to the process requirements with specific processes and steps. If there is any adverse problem in any process, it may affect the overall treatment effect. Therefore, the manufacturer must pay attention to the optimization of all processes, especially the normalizing, annealing and aging treatment Go ahead as required.

In terms of aging treatment in heat treatment processing, the function of treatment is to eliminate the internal stress generated in the process of blank manufacturing and machining, so as to achieve the function of transferring out the internal residual stress of the material, promoting the improvement of the performance and quality of the material, and optimizing the application of the material. From the aspect of aging treatment, the manufacturer should arrange the treatment of this process after roughing and before semi finishing, so as to give full play to aging treatment, and optimize the whole heat treatment with the optimized treatment effect of this process.

In the aspect of aging treatment of heat treatment, enterprises should pay attention to that in order to avoid too much transportation workload, for parts with low precision requirements, aging treatment should be arranged after rough machining, and the number of times of treatment should not be too much. However, if it is a complex casting with high precision requirements, two aging processes should be arranged so as to fully play the role of eliminating residual stress of materials and ensure a very good heat treatment effect at the end.

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