Heat treatment oil performance characteristics and application range

1, ordinary quenching oil: strong cooling performance, good oxidation stability, suitable for the salt bath furnace or the protection of the atmosphere of bearing steel, tool die steel, alloy steel and carbon steel and other workpiece quenching. Preferred operating temperature 50-80℃.

2, rapid quenching oil: the cooling speed is fast, oxidation stability is good, brightness is medium, suitable for quenching of parts such as high cooling speed quenching, carburizing, large forging pieces, large gear and quenching press. Operating temperature 20-80℃.

3, fast bright quenching oil: fast cooling speed, good oxidation stability, good brightness, suitable for bearing steel, die steel and other structural steel in the atmosphere of protection. Operating temperature 20-80℃.

4, overspeed quenching oil: faster cooling speed, good oxidation stability, suitable for automobile, bearing, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery and mold industry large parts of the heating quenching, carburizing or carbonitriding quenching, also suitable for medium carbon steel and other types of alloy steel quenching. Operating temperature 20-60℃.

5, vacuum quenching oil: saturated steam pressure, good cooling performance, good brightness, suitable for bearing steel, die steel, large and medium-sized aviation structure steel and other materials of the vacuum quenching, the initial use should be in the vacuum of the air out of the oil. Operating temperature 20-80℃.

6, isothermal classification quenching oil: good cooling performance, small deformation of parts, suitable for bearing steel, carburized steel bearing inside and outside the circle, precision parts, automotive gear, half shaft and other workpiece as well as deformation parts. Operating temperature 1 120℃, 2 150℃.

7. Return oil: high viscosity, high flash point, low volatilization, good thermal oxidation stability, suitable for tempering the workpiece after quenching. The temperature of no. 1 is 150℃, and the temperature of no. 2 is 200℃.

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