Heat treatment of metal

Metal heat treatment is a process in which the metal workpiece is heated to a suitable temperature in a certain medium and then cooled at different speeds after it is kept at a certain temperature for a certain time.

The equipment of heat treatment is very much, the furnace probably has box type furnace, well type furnace, box type furnace USES most, a lot of heat treatment can be handled in this, such as annealing, normalizing and quenching heating process, tempering these common heat treatment.

Is actually a electricity heating stove, the stove heating up to the predetermined temperature first, then throw the artifacts, wait for a period of time to the predetermined temperature, then heat preservation for a period of time, then remove them, or in the oven with cooling, pit type furnace is as a general carburizing processing equipment, is a stove, buried to the ground after the workpiece in, seal, and then to the stove drip inside some carbon-rich liquid, such as kerosene or methanol, and then down into the liquid at high temperature carbon atoms into the workpiece surface.

Quenching pool is the quenching place, is a pool, there is water or oil, is the box furnace out of the workpiece quenching cooling place, is generally directly thrown in, and then wait for a period of time to remove. And other equipment, such as high frequency machine, is a can be 50 hz power frequency electric to become a super power of 200 k hz current devices, such as common has the maximum power of 200 kilowatts, and then made of a copper pipe internal cooling water flux coil on the outside of the artifacts, typically a few millimeters artifacts, a few seconds to 10 seconds when you see the red on the surface of the work, the surface temperature to the desired value, and has set up a water spray quenching liquid to the surface, to complete the quenching process. That's about it.

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