Heat treatment of large parts

Compared with small parts, large parts are designed to cope with great power.

Therefore, in the heat treatment, the carburizing depth that can meet the requirements is also increased.

In addition, due to the large size of the parts, in addition to the processing time, it also needs a long heating time, cooling time, tempering time, etc.

The company carries out high concentration carburizing treatment at high temperature, so the carburizing time can be shortened.

Characteristics of the company

The company has a large number of practical achievements in the carburizing treatment of large parts, and has accumulated rich technical experience.

The company has a number of sets of equipment that can handle large parts, and has the top level equipment system in China.

The processing capacity can reach 220 ° od and 6000h long.

In addition to domestic orders, we have also accepted a large number of overseas orders, high-level processing technology has been widely recognized at home and abroad.

If you have trouble in heat treatment of large parts, please contact us.

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