Heat treatment of heat resistant steel

Cleaning is the first step in heat - resistant steel heat treatment

Heat resistant steel is alloy steel that works at high temperature, so it is necessary for heat treatment. Heat - resistant steel heat treatment has many steps, of which cleaning is the first step. The following is a brief introduction of heat - resistant steel casting heat treatment steps.

Heat treatment of heat resistant steel

1, first clean: the main purpose of cleaning is to clean up the oil, paint and other foreign objects.

2. The second step is to load the furnace: The main job of loading the furnace is to place the heat-resistant steel in an effective heating zone.

3, the third step is preheating: Preheating is a necessary step before heat resistant steel, especially some heat resistant steel with complex shapes.

4. The fourth step is heating: Heating the heat-resistant steel after preheating is the key of heat treatment, so the detailed operation of heating should be carried out according to the relevant comparison table.

5. The fifth step is cooling: if the heat-resistant steel after heating is not cooled, it cannot become a product. And its own cooling effect is relatively poor, so it needs to go through a cooling link.

6. The sixth step is cleaning: cleaning heat resistant steel heat treatment left by some foreign material.

7. The seventh step is the correction: the correction is to deal with the problems not handled properly, and is also a key to ensure the quality of heat-resistant steel.

8. Then professional inspectors will check whether the quality is up to standard. The unqualified products need to be remade.

Basic solutions to problems:

Description of phenomena -- analysis of causes -- formulation of measures -- verification of effects -- further improvement

Since you are engaged in casting, it is necessary to analyze the causes of porosity and put forward measures accordingly; Because you are in the scene, everyone's idea is also a rough, can not be for you to analyze the scene in detail, you have to rely on their own and colleagues to analyze the real problem.

The vacuum furnace of heat treatment equipment puts forward several points for reference:

1. How dry is the core sand? Are there any organic impurities mixed in?

2. Does casting ladle overpack so that more air is brought in? Can I change the small bags for pouring?

3. How about the aeration of the casting mold and sand core?

4. Is there any design defect in the design of pouring system?

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