Heat treatment laser hardening

The process uses lasers to harden the metal surface while maintaining the flexibility of the underlying metal. Accurate temperature monitoring helps to ensure that the surface is heated to the correct level to achieve the required strength, while ensuring that the internal characteristics of the metal are not affected.

In order to achieve high-precision temperature monitoring, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the metal surface is measured rather than the temperature of the laser. Therefore, contact measuring instruments cannot be used, because they will be heated by laser. Because the wavelength of laser is less than 1.2 μ m, and the wavelength of non-contact infrared measurement is 1.6 μ m or 2.4 μ m, this measurement method is ideal.

Using a wavelength of 1.6 μ m or 2.4 μ m,  the metal surface can be measured by laser, providing a real temperature reading. This ensures that the correct level of hardening quality is achieved.

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