Heat treatment industry advocates energy saving and emission reduction

Why energy conservation and emission reduction? If you live on the earth, as a member of the earth, shouldn't you be responsible for protecting the earth and the environment? Why is the environmental pollution more and more serious in the more developed areas? With such problems, Xiaobian will take you to understand them. First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. We are a professional manufacturer specializing in heat treatment and processing. In recent years, we actively respond to the call of the state and strive to improve the process in our heat treatment and processing to make our production process as close to energy conservation and emission reduction as possible.

First of all, you must clearly understand that our Wuxi heat treatment and processing industry is the major power consumer of the machinery industry in Wuxi, accounting for nearly 30% of the total power consumption of the machinery industry, and the energy-saving goal of the heat treatment industry is mainly to save electricity. At present, the heating equipment for metal heat treatment in China is calculated as 60 kW standard units, about 200000 units, with a total installed capacity of 12 million KW, annual power consumption of about 10 billion kw · h, equivalent to 3.5 million tons of standard coal. Therefore, the potential of energy-saving development of heat treatment price industry is huge.

Air is the main heating medium in the heating equipment of heat treatment. Box type, well type, trolley type heating furnace and part of salt bath furnace constitute the main hot processing equipment of current machinery manufacturing and metallurgy industries. In recent years, domestic research and introduction of less and no oxidation furnaces with advanced level, such as vacuum furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, controllable atmosphere furnace, ion nitriding furnace, etc., but the proportion is less than 20%. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the heat treatment furnace technology. It is necessary to promote new technology, develop new process materials, train employees and improve the quality of employees in the industry. At the same time of popularizing the new type of vacuum heating equipment, protective atmosphere heating equipment and controllable atmosphere heating equipment, it is also important to carry out technical transformation on the traditional old heating equipment in active service. It can create considerable economic benefits for enterprises and the country to choose practical schemes and technical transformation measures and promote them.

Energy is the most important problem to be considered in energy saving of heat treatment equipment. The energy sources of heat treatment and processing are basically electric energy and fuel. Not all fuels are universal. What kind of fuel should be used at this time is not only related to the effect of heat treatment, but also to the cost of heat treatment and processing. But now we have to consider the comprehensive impact of fuel on our environment.

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