Heat treatment furnace type classification details

The model of heat treatment furnace can be divided into: gas furnace and electric furnace according to heating mode;

The model of heat treatment furnace can be divided into: trolley furnace, annealing furnace, tempering furnace, quenching furnace, etc.

According to the temperature can be classified: high - temperature furnace, medium - temperature furnace, low - temperature furnace.

Models of heat treatment furnaces are divided into two types according to heating mode:

1. Gas furnace: an industrial furnace in which the workpiece or material is heated by the combustion heat of various kinds of olefine gases;

2. Electric furnace: the heating method is that electric energy is converted into heat to heat the workpiece or material.

Gas furnaces use a wide range of fuel sources, the price is relatively cheap, easy to adapt to local conditions to build different structures and different purposes of the furnace, in the proper operation and scientific management of the conditions conducive to reducing production costs. But flame furnace is difficult to achieve accurate control, easy to cause environmental pollution, thermal efficiency is low. The biggest characteristic of electric furnace is the furnace temperature is even, convenient to realize automatic control, heating quality is good, resistance furnace does not have smoke and noise harm generally, but be restricted to I pass power supply is insufficient and electricity charge is more expensive and cannot be widely used, even so also still have a lot of heating technology want to use electric furnace.

Models of heat treatment furnaces are classified according to the thermal system, and industrial furnaces are also divided into two categories:

One is the intermittent furnace, also known as the cycle furnace, its characteristic is the furnace does not divide the temperature section, the furnace is produced by one or two shifts, in each heating cycle the furnace temperature is changing, such as all kinds of chamber furnace, trolley furnace, well furnace, cover furnace and so on.

Second, continuous furnace, its characteristic is divided in the hearth temperature section, generally consists of preheating, heat (high temperature), soaking (heat preservation) of three sections, the donkey for class 3 continuous production, in the process of heating temperature in each area is not change, can be thought of as two or three section of continuous furnace, pusher reheating furnace and heat treatment furnace, furnace, step into the furnace, bottom furnace, cupola, lime kiln, and so on.

According to temperature classification: can be divided into: low temperature heat treatment furnace (temperature below 600 degrees Celsius), medium temperature heat treatment furnace (600-1000 degrees Celsius), high temperature heat treatment furnace (temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius).

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