Heat treatment furnace temperature tracker in the aluminum wheel industry

The future development direction of the wheel will be lightweight, high balance and high strength and toughness. Aluminum alloy wheels are "lightweight", "high speed", "modern" products, aluminum alloy wheels are not only beautiful, but also with light quality, energy saving, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The current heat treatment process specification of aluminum alloy wheels in the factory is as follows: solid melt treatment (535±5) ℃, heat preservation for 3-4 hours, quenching medium is water, temperature is 60 degrees, quenching duration is less than 15 seconds; Aging treatment (140±5) ℃, thermal insulation 3-4 hours, the specific process according to the size of the specifications and different heat treatment equipment to make appropriate adjustments.

All the time, the process parameters of heat treatment are not correct, and the casting after heat treatment has unqualified mechanical properties, over burning, deformation, cracking and other defects, the main reasons for the problem are:

1. Low solid melt temperature or insufficient holding time;

2. Insufficient cooling rate during water quenching;

3. The transfer time from the wheel to the quenching tank is too long, more than 15 seconds;

4. Aging temperature is too low or the holding time is not enough;

5. Solid solution temperature on the high side or holding time is too long, low melting point alloy grain boundary junction eutectic began to melt, the liquid phase, under the action of surface tension, liquid contraction to make, globular or polygon after melting, serious when burnt, will appear on the total grain boundary belt, ring after melting, even in the wheel surface of nodules. The mechanical property of the alloy decreases sharply when overburned tissue appears, which cannot be remedied.

The main way to avoid the defect of heat treatment is to use heat treatment furnace temperature tracker to detect the temperature curve of heat treatment in time. In the process of heat treatment, deviation can be adjusted in time, so as to ensure the heat treatment process required temperature and temperature difference. The temperature tracker is an instrument to measure the temperature distribution of products in various thermal processing processes. Instrument itself, can work under high temperature, instrument and artifacts into the furnace together, get the whole process of the product surface and the center of the actual distribution of the temperature curve, oven temperature, in order to timely solve the problems existing in the baking process, so as to improve the aluminum wheel business capacity, improve product quality, reduce production cost and product powerful helpers of scrap rate.

China is a big country producing aluminum alloy wheel. The control of temperature curve in heat treatment process is the key to ensure quality. In the past, the furnace temperature tracker of heat treatment process has been dependent on imports. Because the product price is very expensive, in the domestic more than 100 wheel manufacturing enterprises rarely used. The temperature control in the heat treatment process of aluminum alloy has great influence on the quality of heat treatment. Beijing saiweimei high-tech co., LTD has developed SMT heat treatment furnace temperature tracker for heat treatment of aluminum alloy wheel, which has been successfully applied in zhongnan aluminum in foshan, guangdong for the first time. The application results show that the temperature tracker of SMT heat treatment furnace has a precision of 545±1℃, excellent thermal insulation effect, and can be used for more than 10 hours at a temperature of 545 ℃. At present, the product has been used in more than 60 aluminum wheel manufacturers such as daika, wanfeng, jinfei and zhongnan aluminum. And exports to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.

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