Heat treatment furnace of classification and description

Heat treatment furnace of classification and description

Heat treatment furnace is one of the important process equipment in mechanical manufacturing. It is mainly a treatment equipment that heats the metal workpiece in a certain medium to a suitable temperature, and maintains it for a certain time in this temperature, and then cools it at different speeds. It is mainly a kind of heat treatment equipment which is used for annealing, tempering, quenching and heating of workpieces.

Heat treatment furnace product classification:

1. Bell type furnace: a periodic heat treatment furnace in which the heated substance is heated in the hood.

2. Roller hearth furnace: heat treatment materials are transported by roller table in the furnace, and equipment furnaces with burners for heat supply can be arranged above and below the roller.

3. Chain furnace: a conveyor belt type heat treatment furnace.

4. Traction type heat treatment furnace: the traction type furnace is roughly divided into horizontal and vertical type, which is widely used in the continuous heat treatment furnace of tin plating, zinc plating, silicon steel and stainless steel for cold rolling strip.

5. Steel wire lead quenching furnace: it is a kind of traction type heat treatment furnace, which is used for heating steel wire before isothermal quenching in lead tank.

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