Heat treatment equipment mesh belt furnace

The mesh belt furnace is a sintering furnace in which the parts are transported continuously by the mesh belt protected by muffle. It is mainly used for the sintering of P / M products, the reduction of metal powder and the pre burning, burning or heat treatment of electronic products in the protective atmosphere or air.

Features of mesh belt furnace:

The whole set of equipment consists of furnace body, mesh belt drive system and temperature control system. The furnace body is composed of feeding section, pre burning section, sintering section, slow cooling section, water cooling section and discharging section. The mesh belt transmission system is composed of high temperature resistant mesh belt, transmission device, etc. The operation speed of the mesh belt is adjusted by the frequency converter, equipped with a digital display mesh belt speed measuring device, which can read the mesh belt speed directly, and the temperature control system is composed of thermocouple, digital display intelligent PID regulator and thyristor, forming a closed-loop control system, which can realize automatic and accurate temperature control.

The heating element adopts FEC ceramic heating plate or ceramic heating rod. The temperature control system is controlled by multi-stage intelligent program temperature controller imported from Japan. According to the requirements, it can be configured with data communication interface, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, heat-resistant steel mesh belt transmission, and the design concept of big angle tension wheel, which ensures the smooth transportation of products.

Function and purpose of mesh belt furnace:

Coating line of mesh belt furnace

The coating process of the mesh belt furnace coating production line is excellent: the coating is uniform in thickness, with silver gray surface, smooth and soft, natural in color, which can replace many traditional surface treatment processes such as electro galvanizing, cadmium plating, hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, passivation, mechanical galvanizing, zinc base alloy galvanizing, oxidation, phosphating, etc. it is also the pretreatment of the spraying process, so that the paint will not fall off , the surface reaches the mirror state, especially for the appearance of automobiles, motorcycles, etc.


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