Heat treatment effect

Heat treatment is the process of heating the metal material to a certain temperature and holding it for a certain time, then cooling it at a certain progress to obtain the required microstructure and properties.

Metal materials are the main materials in modern industry. For example, automobile gears, cutting tools and machine tool parts all need heat treatment.

Heat treatment effect:

1. Increase hardness.

2. Reduce the hardness to facilitate cutting or other cutting.              

3. Eliminate the internal stress caused by various processes.

4. Improve the internal structure and properties of metals to meet different requirements.              

5. Improve the surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The purpose of heat treatment is to improve the quality of heat treatment, production capacity, cost reduction, surface quality of workpiece after heat treatment, safety and environmental protection. Suitable process parameters should be selected for metal heat treatment, and the process method should be simple and applicable to reduce production cost and facilitate operation. Nantong heat treatment equipment can be divided into annealing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, carburizing furnace and nitriding furnace.

Heat treatment plays an important role in mechanical manufacturing. Proper heat treatment can significantly improve the mechanical properties of steel and prolong the service life of machine parts. Heat treatment process can not only strengthen metal materials, fully tap the potential of materials, reduce structural weight, save materials and energy, but also improve the quality of mechanical products and prolong the service life of machine parts. In addition, heat treatment can also make the surface of workpiece have special physical and chemical properties such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

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