Heat treatment cooling and heating process

The heat treatment process we usually use generally includes three processes: heating, heat preservation and cooling, sometimes only heating and cooling. These processes are inextricably linked to each other. Next, I will introduce the cooling and heating process of heat treatment.

1. Heating is one of the important processes of heat treatment:

There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment. Charcoal and coal have been used as heat sources for a long time, and liquid and gas fuels have been used recently. The application of electricity makes the heating easy to control, and there is no environmental pollution. These heat sources can be used to heat directly, or indirectly through molten salt or metal, or even floating particles.

2. Cooling is also an indispensable step in the heat treatment process:

The cooling method varies with the process, mainly controlling the cooling speed. Generally, the cooling speed of annealing is slow, the cooling speed of normalizing is fast, and the cooling speed of quenching is faster. There are different requirements due to different steel types. For example, the cooling speed of normalizing can be used to harden the air hardened steel.

Heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that heats the whole workpiece and cools it at a proper speed to obtain the required metallographic structure and change its overall mechanical properties. There are four basic heat treatment processes of iron and steel: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

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