Heat treatment anti-carburizing copper plating process

Heat treatment is the metal material in a certain medium heating, heat preservation, cooling, by changing the surface or internal metallographic structure of the material to control the performance of a metal thermal processing technology.

Heat treatment anti-carburizing copper plating process

Some products in the heat treatment need to be carburized locally, and such products in the non-carburized areas need to do anti-carburizing treatment, copper plating technology is widely used to protect. Gas carburizing heat treatment temperature at 900-930℃, the time is a few to more than 10 hours, high temperature and long time of heat treatment conditions copper plating requirements are higher.

Copper plating process requirements:

1, copper plating layer adhesion. If the binding force is poor, there will be pores, in the process of carburizing heat treatment copper layer bubbling, peeling, peeling, carburizing the non-carburizing layer.

2. The copper layer requires density and fine crystallization. If the crystal is large, it can not achieve the purpose of seepage prevention.

3. The copper layer must be removed after carburizing heat treatment. Considering the economy of copper plating and copper removal, the copper layer must be as uniform as possible when plating more complicated parts, so as to reduce the thickness of copper layer.

At present in most of the production process of anti-carburizing copper plating process mainly have the following:

1, cyanide copper plating process.

2, cyanide preplating/common copper sulfate copper plating process.

3. Cyanide preplating/pyrophosphate copper plating process.

4, copper dip/pyrophosphate copper plating process.

5, citrate copper plating process. The third method should be considered firstly for the products with mass local carburizing heat treatment. If the production of small batch of local carburizing heat treatment products, the use of citrate copper plating technology is better.

Seepage control in the process of heat treatment choice of carbon copper plating process, directly related to the quality of local carburized parts, due to seepage control in the production of copper plating layer quality is unreliable, often leads to parts scrap, more seriously, if the seepage failure of products into the next working procedure, and assembly in the large machinery products, may cause serious casualties accident. Therefore, in the process of heat treatment, it is necessary to choose a reasonable process of anti-carburizing copper plating.

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