Heat treatment and tempering process

Operation method: heat the quenched steel piece from the beginning to a certain temperature below AC1, and cool it in air, oil, hot water and water after heat preservation.


Reduce or eliminate the internal stress after quenching, reduce the deformation and cracking of workpiece;

Adjust the hardness, improve the plasticity and durability, and achieve the mechanical function required by the operation;

Stable workpiece scale.

Application key:

The steel should be tempered at low temperature when it has high hardness and wear resistance after quenching;

Medium temperature tempering is used to improve the elasticity and yield strength of steel under the condition of certain toughness;

High temperature tempering is used when the impact toughness and plasticity are high and the strength is satisfied;

Generally, steel should be prevented from tempering between 230-280 ° C and stainless steel between 400-450 ° C, because one tempering brittleness will occur at this time.

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