Heat on heat treatment of metal effect

Once the metal has formed the desired shape, it is rapidly cooled and heated; Rapid cooling makes metals harder and less brittle, and modern metal heat treatment processes become more complex and accurate, allowing different techniques to be used for different purposes.

Exposing a metal to extreme temperatures causes it to expand, affecting its structure, resistance and magnetism. When exposed to a particular temperature, metals expand, depending on the metal. The actual structure of a metal also changes with heat, known as a phase change in the same direction.

Heat also affects the resistance of metals. The hotter the metal, the more electrons it scatters, resulting in the metal's greater resistance to current. Metals heated to certain temperatures also lose their magnetism; By raising the temperature to between 626 and 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the metal, the magnetic force will disappear. The temperature at which this happens in a particular metal is called its Curie temperature.

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