Heat exchanger parking for precautions

Under normal circumstances, the heat exchanger does not need to stop, when the resistance rise over the allowable value, backwash and no effect, production capacity suddenly decreased, media interflow or a large number of media leakage and can not be controlled, stop to find the reason, clean or replace the bad parts.

Heat exchanger parking for precautions

When the heat exchanger is stopped, it shall be:

1. Slowly close the low-temperature medium inlet valve of heat exchanger. At this point, the low-pressure side pressure should not be too low, and then close the high-temperature medium inlet valve to reduce the pressure difference. Close the outlet valve of high temperature medium after closing the outlet valve of low temperature medium.

2. When the heat exchanger is shut down in winter, the media of the equipment should be removed, and the equipment should not be damaged by freezing.

3. Only after the heat exchanger temperature drops to room temperature can the clamping bolt be removed, otherwise the sealing gasket is easy to loose. The removal of bolts should also be done symmetrically and crosswily.

Then remove the connecting tube and remove the movable end.

4. If the heat exchanger is out of service for a long time, in order to avoid compression deformation of the sealing gasket, the clamping bolt can be slightly loosened, and the sealing gasket of the heat exchanger cannot slide out automatically.

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