Heat exchanger explosion of cause

Heat exchanger explosion of cause

Cause analysis of heat exchanger explosion:

1, homemade heat exchanger, blindly heat exchanger structure and material to make major changes, manufacturing quality is poor, does not conform to the pressure vessel specifications, equipment strength greatly reduced.

2. The welding quality of heat exchanger is poor, especially the welding joints are not fully welded, and the welding seam inspection and blasting test are not carried out. As a result, the welding joints leak or fatigue fracture occurs, and a large number of flammable and explosive fluids overflow and explode.

3. Due to corrosion (including stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion), the compressive strength drops, which leads to the failure of the bundle or serious leakage, and the explosion occurs when exposed to open fire.

4, the heat exchanger to do air tightness test, using oxygen pressure or combustible refined gas leakage test, causing physical and chemical explosions.

5. Illegal operation of heat exchanger, operation error, valve closing, causing overpressure explosion.

6. Without long-term sewage discharge, too much accumulation of inflammable and explosive substances (such as nitrogen trichloride) and too high operating temperature lead to violent explosion of heat exchanger (such as liquid chlorine heat exchanger).

7. Peroxy explosion.

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