Globalization of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

Emerging industries are the pacesetter and new force of world industrial development. In recent years, new industries, such as energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing, information industry (Internet and so on), biomedicine, new energy, new materials, modern logistics and other emerging industries, have been developing vigorously, and have made remarkable achievements.

Ion chemical heat treatment has the characteristics of short process time, good quality of nitriding layer, energy saving and no pollution. Now let's take a look at what field we can use in the field of ion nitriding.

1.Aeronautical equipment and satellite applications

Aviation equipment mainly refers to aircraft, power plant, airborne equipment, airborne weapons and other products, satellite is also a kind of aircraft. At present, more and more countries are involved in international cooperative space projects. The content of cooperation is to provide or exchange space research materials, develop spacecraft, launch spacecraft, provide training facilities, carry out scientific experiments on spacecraft in other countries, analyze and utilize the results of space exploration together to make up a joint space space. The crew group and the unified arrangement of the space mission.
At the same time, the international production network in the aerospace field has become "you have me, I have you". Today's international aviation market, competitive products are not only one country completed, the competition is a multinational group of national aviation industry. Global cooperation in the field of aviation will also help promote technological development and achieve faster progress in the aviation sector.

2.The field of rail transit

Rail transportation equipment is the general name of all kinds of equipment for railway and urban rail transportation. It mainly covers all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, such as locomotive and vehicle, engineering and road maintenance machinery, communication signal, traction power supply, safety guarantee, operation management and so on. Taking the field of high speed rail as an example, the global high speed rail market has great potential, and the countries with high speed rail are mainly concentrated in Europe (Spain, France, Germany, etc.), Asia (China, Japan and so on), and the countries with high speed rail planning have spread over six continents. According to the survey report, the future of the global railway market is expected to grow at 3.4% rate per year, up to 190 billion euros by 2018, of which the high speed rail market capacity is 18 billion 500 million euro. In the face of the global boom in high-speed rail construction, high-speed rail cooperation across the world will be launched rapidly and extensively.
At present, more than 30 countries have signed high-speed rail cooperation agreements with China, and China is still striving for high-speed rail cooperation with more countries. The huge international market will bring the gospel to the heat treatment industry.

3. The field of global marine engineering equipment

Marine engineering equipment mainly refers to the large-scale engineering equipment and auxiliary equipment of marine resources, especially the exploration, mining, processing, storage, transportation, management and logistics services of marine oil and gas resources. At present, the major marine engineering equipment builders in the world are concentrated in Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Europe, including Singapore and South Korea to build more mature technology and shallow water platforms. At present, it is also developing and developing the deep water high technology platform, while the United States and Europe are developing and building them. Deep water and ultra deep water high tech platform equipment is the core.

4. Intelligent manufacturing equipment

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is the general name of all kinds of manufacturing equipment, which have the function of prediction, perception, analysis, reasoning, decision and control. It is a more advanced equipment type which can improve the production efficiency and manufacturing precision on the basis of the equipment numerical control. China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry mainly includes four categories: high-grade CNC machine tools, intelligent measurement and control devices, key basic components and major integrated intelligent equipment.

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