Glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towe cooling water calculation method

Cooling water calculation method of FRP cooling tower:

1. During the operation of the cooling tower, the circulating water is gradually lost due to the following factors:

A during the heat exchange process between hot water and cold air in the tower, part of the water will turn into gas and evaporate out;

B because the cold air is pumped by mechanical power (motor and windmill), some water will be pumped out under high wind speed;

C because of the repeated circulation of cooling water, the solid concentration in the water is increasing day by day, which affects the quality of the water and is prone to algae algae. Therefore, some of the water must be discharged and supplemented with fresh water.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towe cooling water calculation method

2. Calculation of make-up water amount of FRP cooling tower:

A water loss by evaporation (E)

E is equal to Q over 600 is equal to T1 minus T2 times L over 600

E stands for evaporated water (kg/h); Q stands for heat load (Kcal/h);

600 represents the latent heat of evaporation of water (Kcal/h). T1 represents the water inlet temperature (℃);

T2 represents the outlet water temperature (℃); L stands for circulating water (kg/h)

B spatter loss (C)

The spatter loss of cooling tower is determined by the design type and wind speed of cooling tower. Under normal circumstances, its value is approximately equal to 0.1~0.2% of the circulating water. C periodic discharge loss (D)

The loss of regular discharge shall be determined by the quality of water or the solid concentration of water. Generally, it is about 0.3% of the circulating water.

D amount of make-up water (M)

The total recharge of circulating water in the tower is equal to M=E + C + D

When the cooling tower is used for air conditioning, the temperature difference is designed at 5℃. At this time, the recharge water required by the cooling tower is about 2% of the circulating water.

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