Gas soft nitriding treatment

Gas soft nitriding is one of the soft nitriding treatment methods developed to solve the quality problems and environmental problems of salt bath soft nitriding used in the past, and obtain the same quality characteristics.

The general method is to add the mixture gas with ammonia as the main component at the treatment temperature of about 570 ℃, so that the compound layer of carbide and nitride is formed on the surface of the processed material, and a diffusion layer is formed on the inner side. The nitriding layer can significantly improve the mechanical properties of steel parts, such as friction resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance.

The gas soft nitriding treatment is pollution-free, time-consuming and can obtain effective quality characteristics. Therefore, this is an environmental protection treatment method. At the same time, this treatment method can also cope with the characteristics of lightweight and miniaturization of components with the popularity of electric vehicles. As a surface hardening method, it will be applied to more and more broad markets in the future.

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