Gas heating furnace

Gas heating furnace in the process of use, you may encounter thermal inertia is too large, refractory material use and other problems, today to explain to you the most common problems, and the corresponding solution.

1. The reason why the thermal inertia of gas heating furnace is too large

Solution: because the signal transmission takes time, in order to take this lag time into account, the heating power of the equipment is usually considered to be reduced when heating power is close to the set temperature. Generally, the power is only about 10% at (-5) degree. In this way, the heating speed can be effectively controlled and the temperature rise is small when reaching the temperature.

2. Why can't the furnace temperature be cooled too quickly

Solution: if limited by the flue gas temperature of 800 degrees, the surface thermal strength of the furnace tube cannot reach the upper limit recommended by the specification, and the thermal strength of the furnace chamber volume is far below the specified value of the specification, with a considerable margin.

3. Requirements for refractory materials for gas heating furnace

Solution: the gas-fired heating furnace generally USES aluminum-silicon refractory materials, lined with heavy aluminum-silicon refractory materials, while the outer lining is lined with lightweight clay bricks and thermal insulation board and other thermal insulation refractory materials, in order to improve the thermal insulation performance. The top of both tropical and tropical furnace with high aluminum hanging brick, the upper surface of a layer of insulation brick, furnace wall from the inside out with high aluminum brick, clay brick, light clay brick and insulation board masonry. The forging furnace bottom USES magnesia chrome brick or magnesia brick as the inner working layer, and the preheating inner working layer USES clay brick.

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